Dental Surgery

Implants teeth

When a tooth is missing, or a damaged tooth needs to be extracted, an indesirable gap between teeth is resulted, thus we have 2 options to fill this gap either to use a dental bridge or to go for a dental implant, which is a titanium fixture that is drilled into the bone and function as your tooth once did. Another advantage of this procedure is that the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth won’t need to be reduced in size as in the case of a fixed bridge.

Oral Surgery

We try to keep and preserve the tooth as much as we can but sometimes removal of it is necessary because of pain, infection, bone loss or fracture of the tooth. Our oral surgeons may determine that the addition of certain surgical steps to a patient’s tooth’s extraction process will help to make its removal go more smoothlyThe added surgical steps may include: -Removing or reflecting gum tissue. -Removing bone tissue from around your tooth -Sectioning your tooth (cutting it into parts). When one or more of these techniques are used, the procedure is formally categorized as a “surgical” extraction.

Gum surgery